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June 2023
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It happens to be Oscar season, but we love film scores any time of year! In this month's podcast, we discuss the beloved Star Wars soundtrack, which was designated "the best film score ever" by the American Film Institute. You won't believe where the music actually came from!


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Autumn fever came early this year with Starbucks' early release of the PSL. While this podcast is not laden with pumpkin spice, it does offer some music for your autumn soundtrack!


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In this month's podcast, we highlight the life and music of American composer Ferde Grofe. Many aren't aware of the enormous contributions Grofe made to classical music (and jazz!) in this country, but you'll learn all about it here!

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We're highlighting Richard Wagner this month since his birthday was last week! His life was full of drama and his music was no less interesting. This episode is packed with trivia and a look at a very famous piece of music that now permeates popular culture. Get ready for some fun!

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"The Planets" by Gustav Holst is an awesome piece of music. And a perfect place to start if you are new to classical music! Learn all about it in this month's podcast episode.


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Since it's March, we're celebrating Marches Madness! Learn all about John Philip Sousa, aka "The March King," and one of his most famous works.


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Yes, it's true! Martin Luther King Jr. studied classical music as a child and had a special place in his heart for the genre. We uncover the details in this podcast and also highlight a famous classical work that played a prominent role in King's life. Do you know which piece it is?

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With Thanksgiving just a week away, we take a look at Beethoven's fascinating life and listen to his "Song of Thanksgiving." Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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This Halloween we celebrate a particularly creepy piece of music--Modest Mussorgsky's Night on Bald Mountain. Always a fan favorite!


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Today we explore the world of Johannes Brahms, a very prolific and prominent Romantic era composer. His life was a bit on the dramatic side (as you'll find in this episode) and his intense emotions showed through in his music as well.

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Today we honor the King of Light Music, Eric Coates! Though fairly obscure today, his "By the Sleepy Lagoon" is still the theme music for Desert Island Discs. Take a peek into the life and music of Eric Coates!

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In honor of Salon97's annual American Composers Month, we take a look at the life of trailblazer John Cage. Silence, chance operations, and mushroom hunting, oh my!

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In honor of the 100th anniversary of Rite of Spring's debut, we have a special podcast complete with Stravinsky and Rite of Spring trivia. Don't miss this one!

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We all need to take a moment to relax sometimes. The pieces featured in this month's podcast were selected to help you find a moment of calm. Learn more about beautiful music by Johann Strauss II, Amy Beach, and Frederick Delius.

Missed us last month? Hear the podcast of Salon97's visit to the VoiceBox show!

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American composers have been inspired by presidential legacy for generations, and today we explore a few of these regal works. 

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We ring in the new year by taking a brief look at the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Day concert, a tradition since 1939. A star-studded and joyous occasion, there are sordid tales too.


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In this week's episode, we celebrate 150 years of French composer Claude Debussy.


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It's time for part two of our 2012 Summer Classical Playlist! Get ready for a sample of tunes from Copland, Zaimont, Ravel, Delius, and Mendelssohn. And yes, we're *still* making the livin' easy. Enjoy!

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Summertime is here! How best to celebrate? Make a playlist! In part one of this two-part series we explore works by John Philip Sousa, Zoltan Kodaly, Darius Milhaud, Antonio Vivaldi, and Claude Debussy. We're makin' the living easy!

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You've probably never heard of William Grant Still, but he was awesome! A very talented American composer with tons of rich, melodic music under his belt. Hear a preview of some of the magic he created!

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Get ready to be wowed by Poulenc's Double Piano Concerto in this week's Salon97 podcast episode!

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